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How Has Working Together For Change Influenced our
Commissioning Decisions?
What was the purpose of the WTFC process?
A short summary of the purpose of the specific WTFC exercise
I’m not doing what I want to do
Ways we can work in partnership to improve the standard of service we
deliver primarily service user lead and provider focus
What would a 5* service look like to the people we support.

When did we meet and who was involved?
Met on monthly bases
All service user within Laidleys Manor
The Staff team within Laidleys Manor
Sue Shaw- Regional Director NWCS
Sean Moore- Assistant Director NWCS
Andrea Denye- Service Manager NWCS
Care-fully trained – Complete training for people who care – Claire twist –Suit
9, Mawtect House, New Street, Mawdesley, Lancashire, L40 2QP, Tel 01704
823482 External training provider worked alongside us to designed a training
course focussing on the outcome of our PCP planning and task groups to
help us achieve and deliver a high standard of trainin