Free Case Study Template 34Free Case Study Template 34Free Case Study Template 34
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There are a great many ways of writing a case study, so starting one
can be frustrating just figuring out what format to use.
For our case studies, the focus is on how in-mold labeling or in-mold
decorating solved a technical or business problem in the packaging or
durable products industry. There is no requirement to divulge
proprietary information but do consider that your case study may be
read by a potential customer. A well written case study is an excellent
opportunity to show prospective customers that your company has
mastered IML/IMD and can deliver cost effective results for them.
Ideally your case study should not be a long winded hard sell. It
should be two or three pages and 500 – 900 words, although some
tend to run longer. Use graphics to illustrate your information but
don’t go overboard.
IMDA has developed a final format that shows off our case studies to
best advantage.
How to Structure Your Case Study
The typical case study has four parts:
1. Situat