Free Case Study Template 26Free Case Study Template 26Free Case Study Template 26
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Social Values and Health Priority Setting Case Study
Title of Case Study
Author Contact
Date of Submission
Case Summary (approx. 350
Please include information here about
why the case is of particular interest

1. Facts of the case
Please include information on as many
of the following as are relevant to the
 At what condition is the
intervention, program or service
 What are its effects? Eg. Is it
curative, preventative, palliative,
life-prolonging, rehabilitative?
 Is there a relevant comparator? If so
how does this intervention, service
or program compare to the
alternative? Include ICER
estimates/QALY costs if relevant.
 What are the significant features
about the condition and/or about the
patient population in this case? Eg.
patient population is very young,
very old, condition is rare, lifethreatening, life-limiting etc.
 How are the benefits of the
intervention distributed across the
patient population and/or across
 What is the cost or bu