Free Case Study Template 28Free Case Study Template 28Free Case Study Template 28
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1 Title (name of facility or discipline, location)


e.g.: Brief description of the science, from a network-centric perspective



e.g.: Listing of virtual organizations (VOs), facilities, or significant individual
users/operators/leaders that participate in this collaboration or experiment. A
rough estimate on the breadth and depth of the collaboration space (e.g. number of
users, number of participating facilities, etc.) is also useful.

Key Local Science Drivers (e.g. Local Network
1.3.1 Instruments and Facilities
Describe compute, storage, and network capabilities, any connections to any major
scientific instruments (e.g.: supercomputers, particle accelerators, tokamaks,
genome sequencers, satellite data, computational clusters, storage systems, etc.)

1.3.2 Software Infrastructure
Describe the software used to manage the daily activities of the scientific process in
the local environment. Please include tools that are used to locally m