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Hierarchical objects Task force - Case study template
This document proposes a template anyone could follow to write the case study.
1. Name (participant and institution)
2. Background information ( short note on the mission of this institution/ project)
3. Definition of hierarchies for the domain
Demonstrate how each domain defines hierarchies. Feel free to re-use definitions (e.g.
RDA definition). Your description can be also illustrated by a diagram or graph using
whatever tool you are comfortable with e.g. UML.
4. Use Case Scenario
-Description of specific example(s) of hierarchies.
-Demonstrate how hierarchical objects are represented in a interface
-Samples of data and solutions in EDM to represent them (these two point could be
done at a later stage)
5. Problems and limitations
6. Proposed solutions for Europeana (optional)
The proposed solutions will cover the EDM and interface aspects detailed in the use case.
7. References