Free Case Study Template 20
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Case Study Template
1) Introduction (will be provided by Governance International).
2) Objectives (What does the project try to achieve? Which problem(s) does it address?
Why was the initiative launched)?
3) Leadership and change management (Who is driving the changes at different
levels? Who are the political, administrative and community leaders? How did these
leaders bring about the changes needed?
4) Outcomes (What did it achieve? How did it change somebody’s life – ideally give a
quote from a named person)
5) Performance indicators (Either the actual value of a PI or some other way of
providing evidence of how well the initiative has worked, if possible).
6) Costs and savings (Please give a cost estimate in terms of budget cost or time
involved by officers, citizens or other contributors)
7) Obstacles (Please identify up to three obstacles and briefly explain how they
were overcome)
8) Next steps (What are the future plans for this project? What will be changed as a
result of less