Free Case Study Template 09Free Case Study Template 09
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2018 RecycleMania Case Study Competition
Case Study Template
Please focus your case study on one component of your RecycleMania competition. This could be your outreach and
marketing strategies, fundraising strategies, techniques to engage key campus stakeholders to ensure success,
connecting with off-campus partners, key events or gatherings, incentives for engagement, etc.
Note: Submissions for the 2018 RecycleMania Case Study Competition may be used as a best practice resource on

1. Contact info (name, department, school, email, phone)
2. Focus of Case study
(Summary 25 words or less)

3. Detailed description of campaign component:
(300 words or less)

4. Planning steps & timeline to implement:
List out in bullet format each of the steps involved in planning.

5. Resources and stakeholders involved
Explain what budget or in-kind resources where needed, what if any campus dept’s or groups supported the effort, what staff or
volunteers were involved.

6. Describ