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Australian National Fabrication Facility Ltd
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ABN 50 124 231 661

Case Study Template
ANFF-Q is always looking for case studies on user research projects to be published on our website.
We encourage all ANFF-Q users to consider this excellent opportunity to gain high-profile exposure
of your research.
Please provide information to ANFF-Q Administration, using this form as a guide. Please include at
least one high quality image as an attachment (not embedded into this document).
Note that the audience is the general public who do not necessarily have a science background – and
limit the use of technical jargon accordingly.
1. Project Title (non-technical):
2. Researcher/s and institution:
3. Indicate in what capacity the ANFF-Q facilities where utilised:
4. Select the National Research Priority that best relates to your research project (tick all that
Soil and Water

Energy and Resources