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IEEE Working Group on Stray Voltage
Case Studies
General Outline

General Instructions:

Case studies should be brief and concise, less than two pages, and should focus
on concepts and learnings.

Location and dates descriptions should be sufficiently vague so as not to point
to any specific event, customer, or utility company.

Any references to test measurement or remediation equipment, or software used,
should be generic and not name specific vendors or model numbers.

Measurement or walk-away criteria of the utility being referenced may be
stated, but should be sufficiently vague so as not to point to the specific utility.

1. Details of Customer Report
Brief description of what the customer is reporting, including: who or what is being
affected, qualitative description of what was felt or observed, when the affect was felt or
observed (time of day or season of the year, but not a specific date), where it was felt or observed,
and any quantitative data (i.e. voltage measurement