Free Case Study Template 06Free Case Study Template 06Free Case Study Template 06
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Case study template
Use this template to describe a specific case and how it was managed, when reporting on an evaluation of a
sexual violence primary prevention activity.
This template was created for the Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Toolkit in September 2016.

Using the template
You can choose to change any of the headings in this document or delete sections if they are not relevant. If
you want to change the fonts or formatting, use styles rather than changing it in the document (eg go to
‘styles’ in the toolbar, right click the style you want to change, then choose ‘modify’.). This will save you time
and allow your document to be consistent.
Complete the title section and then delete these examples. Add your name and your email address after the

Case study template – September 2016


[Title] Example: Preventing sexual violence at North
Secondary School
[Subtitle] Example: Strengthening our school community
[Your name]
[Your email]

A brief summary of your c