Free Case Study Template 03Free Case Study Template 03Free Case Study Template 03
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Demonstrating mentoring and befriending
makes a real difference to people’s lives

Why do we collect case studies?
To showcase the effect mentoring and befriending can have on people’s lives. Be that the mentee or
befriendees’ lives, the mentor or befriender’s lives, or how the wider community as a whole benefits.
Not everyone, unfortunately, understands exactly what mentoring and befriending involve. But, having
case studies to refer people to, helps to bring to life some of the roles mentors and befrienders play in
people’s lives. We hope that through people reading case studies it will prompt them to set up, fund or
commission mentoring or befriending projects.

What do we want from you?
We want you to fill in this case study template detailing the positive impact that your mentoring or
befriending project is making. Please provide an overall picture of how your project operates, including
information about one relationship – one mentee/mentor or one befriendee/b