Free Case Study Template 05Free Case Study Template 05
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Effective Practice with e-Learning – Case Study Template

© HEFCE 2004

The JISC case study template

This template is designed to encourage you reflect on how
you have designed learning activities in response to
particular challenges and then to share the outcomes with
other practitioners. Case studies require some depth of
analysis in order for others to engage with the
experiences described; it is advised that case studies
submitted for use by JISC are approximately 750 words in
Case study title
Institution name
Background [Give brief
details of institution, type of
learners and learning
environment in which the
activity/ies took place]
Intended outcome(s)
[Describe the objective(s)
behind the practice outlined
The challenge [Identify the
issues that required attention
or which prompted you to reassess your previous practice]
Established practice
[Identify features of the
practice previously in use - this
may include any aspects
which were subsequently
The e-l