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Self-Directed Learning Template for Journal/Book Review

NCCAOM Expectations for Review of Content
The objective is to show an overall understanding of the content and the ability to reflect on the
content to obtain adequate benefits as a practitioner.
Name :
Title of Article/Book:
Author’s Name(s):
Journal Title and Volume Number or Book Title and Copyright Date:
Topic (Acupuncture, Western Medicine, Herbal Medicine, etc.):
Category (Infertility, Cancer, etc.):
Date of submission :
Key Points

What are the key points in this article?

Describe the relevance of the key points to my role as a practitioner?


What new insights/discoveries have I made related to the content in this article?

How specifically will I be able to use the information and knowledge to improve or enhance my
practice and learning in terms of approaches, strategies, methods, techniques, etc.?

Based on the contents of this article, what additional information could I se