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Non-Fiction Book Review/Blog
For this project, you will be required to read two nonfiction books, complete the review below and blog about
the one you found the most interesting. You must read a book that you have not read before. Upon completion of the
book, you will complete the form; nonfiction (see bottom of this sheet). Please write as neat as possible when
completing the review form.
Student name: __________________________Parent signature:_________________________
Title of the book: ____________________________________Author(s)___________________
Genre:_____________________________________________Year published:_____________
Check off the following resources that were found in your book.
 Pictures
 Captions
 Diagrams (picture with relevant information labeled)
 Maps
 Table of contents
 Index
 Glossary
 Graphs/charts
 Relevant vocabulary underlined, bolded or italicized
 Headings

Nonfiction Book Review Form
Why are you interested in the topic of this book? How much did