Free book review template 43Free book review template 43Free book review template 43
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Book Review Template

Title of Book: (Underline the title of the novel!)


From whose Point of View is the novel written? (1st person narrator [from whose eyes and
mind] or 3rd person omniscient?)

List Two Characters and explain their importance or significance to the novel as a whole. (At
least 4 sentences for each character are needed.)


Climax of the novel (the main turning point) and explain how the challenge(main conflict) is
resolved by the end of the novel: (At least 8 sentences are needed)

Choose one main theme of the novel, and explain why it is the theme of the story, using
specifics of the story to justify your point (at least 4 sentences are needed):

Name two literary devices the author used to help make this novel meaningful and interesting
and explain how and where they are used in the novel and why the use of this literary device
enhances the meaning of the novel. (Include page number) Literary devices include:
symbolism, foreshadowing, flashbacks, re