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A review is a description or an evaluation of a movie you have watched
or a book you have read. It can also be used to review Websites and
Computer games.

Reviews are helpful because they inform the reader about the movie or
book they may be interested in.

Often a review will influence people by telling them a little bit about the
story WITHOUT telling them everything. (You must NEVER give away
the ending)

While it is important to tell the storyline, do so briefly!

Choose the main events which take place – NOT every detail.

Use DESCRIPTIVE words to describe the movie or book (interesting,
boring, adventurous, exciting, confusing, thrilling etc).

Your opinion – Why did you like/dislike it?

What was your favourite part? And why?

If you could change something what would it be and why?

Did you like the character/s?

Your recommendation: Would you recommend seeing the movie or
reading the book? Who would you recommend