Free book review template 42Free book review template 42Free book review template 42
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Book Review
A Book Commercial

Created by Wendy Arentz
Read With Me ABC

Book Review

Students select or are assigned
a book to read.


After reading the book, they complete
the book commercial template.

3. Students practice their book talks.
4. The book talks are recorded or
presented in class.
Additional Notes:
Students can display/hold up the book during their
If you record the talks, consider filming in front of
a Smart Board with the book displayed on the
Share your book talks with another class, present
them at an assembly, or broadcast them on school

Wendy Arentz @ Read With Me ABC

Book Commercial
Congratula*ons! You get to star in your very own book commercial!
Direc*ons: Complete the paragraph below. Prac2ce reading your
commercial smoothly and with expression. Your commercial will be
recorded on ___________________. Please bring your book and this
paper and with you to your recording session.

Hi! I’m ________