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Non-fiction Book/ Magazine Article Review Template
The following can be used as an outline to write a review for a non-fiction book. You should focus on
analyzing and responding to the book .Please type your review. You may use this as a template. It will be
helpful if you will change the font for your words..or bold it.
Book Information
Date of
Number of pages:
Overview: Outline the contents of the book by identifying the thesis and giving a brief summary of the
main points. Quote and/or paraphrase key ideas
Purpose: What is the author’s purpose? To relay information, to convince, to demand change, to shock?
Who is the intended audience?
Background information: Determine credibility by describing the author’s education and/or experience,
the author’s other works, and work by other experts.
Evaluation: Has the author achieved his goal/s? What evidence has been given? What original suggestions
or possibilities have been present