Free book review template 07Free book review template 07
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Book Review Template/Guide
You may want to answer some of these questions while you are reading your book. Take notes and once you have finished
the book , turn your notes into a detailed book review. However, please do not use headings for your paragraphs, and do not
write the questions out. Please see the exemplar attached.
Happy Reading!
Paragraph 1
Introduction/General Information about the Book

Title, author and type of book (fantasy, humour, science fiction, mystery, biography, non-fiction)

Paragraph 2
Main Character

Describe the character.

The main character changes from ____________________ to
____________________ by the end of the story.

The main character does the right thing when…

I can identify with the character when…

Another Important Character

Describe the character.

Paragraph 3

Describe the time and place of the story.

Comments about the setting (examples: setting makes story exciting, setting has an important effect on main