Free book review template 09Free book review template 09Free book review template 09
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Book Review/Podcasting Template

• Introduce yourself
• Title and author
• Type of book? (mystery, comic, historical fiction, fantasy, folktale, fable,
legend, biography, science fiction, realistic fiction, etc)
• Tell what kind of audience may enjoy this book
• Tell about how you reacted to different parts of the book.
You may include the following suggested ideas:
• Introduce the main character or other characters
• Tell about important parts without revealing the ending
• Tell the setting
• Select an interesting excerpt from the story to share— it can be a funny part,
sad part or a tense part
• You can use poems, songs, skits, or riddles during your presentation.

Be creative, use voice, and be fluent as you present your report.
You have 3 minutes for your presentation.

Book Review/Podcasting Flow Map
Introduce yourself

Title and Author

What type of book is

What kind of
audience might
enjoy this book?

Introduce the main character(s)

Tell about important parts withou