Free book review template 06Free book review template 06
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Book Review sheet (allow about 30 minutes)
Full classmark:
Place, Publisher, Date of 1st edition:
Place, Publisher, Date of this edition:
(Always make a note of these essential details so you can cite the text correctly in essays and bibliographies)

First impressions?
eg. what kind of audience is intended? how is it written? how might you use this book?

What are the general scope and aims of the book?
(Cover notes, preface, introduction, chapter headings, illustrations, index etc may all offer clues)

Type of research /information sources on which the book is based?
Most academic texts will make some direct reference to this in the introduction, preface and/or
acknowledgments. You can also tell a lot from the citations in footnotes and bibliography. Has the
author drawn substantially on primary sources (eg archives, interviews or publications from the period
under consideration) or have they relied mainly on secondary sources (other historians etc)? Or is
there no w