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Book or Movie Review Template
A book review, like a movie review, consists of a summary and analysis. Your review should start with an
introduction, then a summary of the book/movie, then your analysis and finally your conclusion.


state the name of book/movie, author and date of
outline the thesis, main ideas of the book
thesis statement and your main ideas

I really liked this book because ….
I did not like this book because…
This book is informative and practical because…
This book is boring and unorganized because …


briefly outline the main elements of the book
should involve who, what, where, when and why

This book is about…
The setting is…
The main character…
The theme…


The book argues that…
The authors use…

critically state what you like and do not like about the
explain your ideas with specific examples from the book

Character development
Language level
Message of the book