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Reading Worksheets


Word Meanings From Context
The United States has a vast amount of newly discovered
clean geothermal (natural heat from the Earth’s crust) energy.
Tapping into this energy source could provide at least 10 times
the energy that can be obtained from the nation’s known coal

1. What does “vast” mean?
a. a large amount
b. not enough
c. dangerous
d. having no known use
2. Which word in the above paragraph means supplies that are
available to be used?
a. geothermal

b. tapping
c. continent
d. reserves
Using IQ tests and MRI brain scans, researchers have found
that the measurable intelligence of teenagers can rise and fall
over time. We used to believe that intelligence was static. But
now, because of new studies, we know that teens and even fully
mature adults can grow more brain cells when needed.
3. What does “static” mean in t