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APA Cheat Sheet

6th edition, 2009

Page Setup

1” on every side of the document
Double-spaced; no extra spaces between paragraphs
12 pt font
TWO spaces follow punctuation

What an APA Paper Usually Contains
Empirical Reports:
o *Title Page
o *Abstract
o *Introduction
o Methods
o Results
o Discussion
o *References
o *Appendices
Literature Reviews:
o A literature review follows APA
citation style only
o Most still use a cover page
o Some professors may request an
o They will include a reference page

Title Page
o Running head
o Now included in the header
o Type “Running head”
o a colon
o then an abbreviated version of the title in all caps
o No more than 50 characters, spaces included
o Title
o Concise statement of main topic
o Fully explanatory on its own
o Author Name(s)
o Omit titles (Dr., Professor) and degrees (PhD, EdD, MD, etc.)
o Institutional Affiliation
o If none, list city and state of residency
o Author Note (if applicable)

The Author Note
o Should appear