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[Thesis Title]

[your official name]
[last month of the semester you will graduate] 20XX

Presented to the
Division of Science, Information Arts, and Technologies
University of Baltimore

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Degree of
Master of Science [or Doctor of Science

Approved by: ________________________________
[name, Thesis Advisor]
[name, Committee Member]
[name, Committee Member]

Insert abstract here; it should not exceed one page. Abstract text must be 1.5 spacing and
should normally have no paragraph breaks. Here are some form and style tips: (a) Limit
the abstract to one typed page; (b) maintain the scholarly language used throughout the
thesis; (c) keep the abstract concise, accurate, and readable; (d) use correct English; (e)
ensure each sentence adds value to the reader’s understanding of the research; and (f) use
the full name of any acronym used again in the abstract, and i