Free Hold Harmless Agreement Template 14
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This is not a formal, legal document but suggested wording to consider for visitors to our
volunteer farms. Personal Ponies is not liable for the any aspects of the pony visit and is
not part of this agreement. The agreement is between the volunteer and the visitor(s).
I _____________________ am fully aware of the risks and hazards connected with
visiting and possibly handling of equines. I voluntarily assume full responsibility for
risks taken by me when visiting this farm. I voluntarily assume full responsibility for any
risk of property damage, personal injury, including death that may be sustained to me, or
to any loss or damage to any property owned by me, as a result of my visit to this farm.
I, ___________________ understand that there is no express or implied warrantee that
shall apply. I accept any and all costs and or treatments for my self and my family should
medical treatments of any kind be needed by me or by by family as a result