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City of Springfield, Oregon
Hold Harmless Agreement
Project Number___________ Project Title_______________________________________
To the fullest extent of the law __________________________________________________,
hereinafter referred to as Contractor, shall defend, indemnity and hold harmless the City from
and against all liability or loss and against all claims or actions based upon or arising out of
damage or injury to persons or property caused by or sustained in connection with performance
if this Contract by the Contractor except, pursuant to ORS 30.140, for losses, claims, or actions
resulting from the sole negligence of the City.
The Contractor shall assume all responsibilities for the work, and bear all losses and damages
directly or indirectly resulting to the Contractor, the City, or to others on account of the character
or performance of the work, unforeseen difficulties, accidents, or any other causes whatsoever.
The Contractor shall assume defense of, indemnify and save