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Hold Harmless Agreement
____________________, 20____
(Name of Recovery Agency)

Letter of Authorization and Hold Harmless Agreement for
Motor Vehicle Repossession

Dear ______________:
__________________________ Credit Union hereby requests your
services to repossess the vehicle described herewith. This letter
constitutes your authority to act as our agent in handling this matter.
Member Information:

Account No:___________

Vehicle Description:
Year:______ Make:_________________ Model:____________
Type:____________________ Color:_________________
Serial No._____________________ License No.___________
We agree to indemnify and hold you harmless from and against any
and all losses, damage, claims and actions resulting from or rising out
of your efforts to handle this assignment except such as may be due to
negligent or unlawful acts of your firm or those representing or acting
for it.
A "Summary of the Account"