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Freelance Agreement
[Freelancer's Name]
Dear _______________:
The following will confirm the agreement between you and us regarding your rendition
of services as follows:
You have represented to us that you customarily perform freelance services for
advertising agencies and other companies and you agree to render such services to us, on
a non-exclusive basis, as a freelance ______________________________ [Insert job
description, e.g., copywriter, artist, photographer, etc.]. You will perform such
responsibilities as may from time to time be specified by us. All of your services will be
subject to our final approval and will be performed in accordance with our standards, but
you will direct the details and means by which the services are accomplished.
You agree that all ideas, plans, and materials prepared by you (collectively, the
"Materials") will be considered works-made-for-hire and our sole and exclusive property.
In the event that the Materials are not copyrightabl