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Creative freelancers need to be extra-vigilant about how clients use their work. Just because a client has
paid for the work doesn’t mean they are free to sell, reproduce or alter the original. Creative free-lancers
must determine in what ways we’re comfortable allowing our work to be used or altered – and then put those
guidelines in a contract.

Limited use contracts allow creative freelancers to retain control over their work while granting clients license
to use the work in certain ways for specific amounts of time. If you plan to use the work your-self, your
contract should clearly specify this.
Most templates, like this one by Freelancers Union, provide the basics of an enforceable agreement.
What is the work being completed?
Where and how can it be used?
For what length of time?
Is the license exclusive, or can you license the same work to others?
Can your client modify your work or create other work based on it?
Is the