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[email protected]
+44 (0)7725 019668

Freelance / Contract Senior Developer & Technical Director for all
things web based.
Based in the South of England, I provide ad–hoc freelance and
contractual support to digital agencies & businesses of all sizes
and all industries.
Digital agency born–and–bred since 2000, my projects are being
used by people all over the world. Craft CMS, E-Commerce sites,
booking systems & API Integrations are my bread and butter.
Best placed leading the scoping & requirements analysis;
translating the technical stuff into terminology all stakeholders
can understand and executing the build to exacting standards.

Senior Developer
Freelance / Contract
January 2019 — On-going

• Providing in-house web development support to digital
agencies & businesses through all stages of the project.
• Specialising in Craft CMS, back-end PHP development, ecommerce & booking systems and API integrations.

Technical Director
Social You
Aug 2014 — On-goin