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This Independent Contractor Freelancer Agreement is entered into by and between
Brett Thoreson, (“Contractor”), and Ekcetera Productions, LLC (“Agency”).

1. All assignments and compensation in connection with Contractor’s services for Agency must
be authorized by verbal or written communication.
2. Contractor represents and warrants that any material submitted to Agency is original and
created by Contractor and does not infringe upon the copyright or any other right of any third
party, including, without limitation, rights of privacy or publicity, and that Contractor has not
previously granted any rights to such material to any third party. Contractor hereby grants to
Agency entire right to own, use, and reproduce any material in any medium and in any
manner whatsoever, as Agency in its sole discretion shall determine.
3. All artwork, presentations, drawings, sketches, writings, photography, ideas, concepts,
designs, text, plans, and other copyrightable material de