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SLUSA, LLC & Freelance Contractor AGREEMENT
This agreement is made on _______________, between Sign Language USA, LLC (SLUSA,
LLC) PO Box 1246, McLean, VA 22101, and __________________, Social Security
number/EIN ________________, located at _________________________, an independent
Freelance Sign Language Interpreter Contractor (contractor).
This agreement will be in effect until ________________. Contractor will charge ________ per
hour, _________ per hour for (RIGHT NOW). The contractor will additionally be paid a
Mileage Rate of .555 cents per mile, up to a total of $25 per job/per assignment. If two or
more jobs are located within the same complex/client, there must be at least a 1 hour time
separation between jobs, in order for the contractor to charge mileage for each of these jobs
held in the same location with same client. All mileage rates will be actual mileage. Parking
will be reimbursed if applicable.
Holiday Pay-Time & ½ will only be paid for the following Holidays: New Y