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Sample Franchise Agreement
Article 1


SHOPPE COMPANY has through the investment of considerable time and money developed a unique and distinctive
system of high quality ice cream shops (the. "SYSTEM") operated in association with the MARKS prominently featuring
the sale of HAAGEN-DAZS® PRODUCTS and menu items prepared with HAAGEN-DAZS® PRODUCTS. The SYSTEM
includes proprietary and distinctive products, product specifications, ingredients, menu items, recipes, techniques,
training methods, production methods, operating methods, designs and decor, uniform apparel, color schemes,
furnishings, marketing materials, promotional strategies, and customer service requirements (the "SYSTEM
STANDARDS"), all of which may be modified from time to time by SHOPPE COMPANY, and which are directed toward
promoting HAAGEN-DAZS® PRODUCTS in a manner that will enhance the good will associated with the MARKS and the

FRANCHISEE'S Desire to be Part of the SYSTEM.