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Ontario Energy Board

Model Franchise Agreement
THIS AGREEMENT effective this day of 20
hereinafter called the "Corporation"

- and -

hereinafter called the "Gas Company"
WHEREAS the Gas Company desires to distribute, store and transmit gas in the Municipality
upon the terms and conditions of this Agreement;
AND WHEREAS by by -law passed by the Council of the Corporation (the "By-law"), the duly
authorized officers have been authorized and directed to execute this Agreement on behalf of the
THEREFORE the Corporation and the Gas Company agree as follows:
Part I - Definitions
1. In this Agreement:
a. "decommissioned" and "decommissions" when used in connection with parts of
the gas system, mean any parts of the gas system taken out of active use and
purged in accordance with the applicable CSA standards and in no way affects the
use of the term 'abandoned' pipeline for the purposes of the Assessment Act;
b. "Engineer/Road Superintendent" means the most senior indiv