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Model disclosure document for franchisee or
prospective franchisee
The following pages give a recommended format for a disclosure document for a franchisee
or prospective franchisee in accordance with annexure 1 of the Code.


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TIP: When providing information, bear in mind that the purpose of the disclosure document is to:
a. give a prospective franchisee or a franchisee proposing to renew or extend the term or
scope of a franchise agreement information to help them make a reasonably informed
decision about the franchise
b. give a franchise information that is material to the running of their franchising business.

See subclause 8(3)
TIP: Subclauses 8(3) and 8(4) require that a disclosure document:
be sent out in the form and order of Annexure 1 of the Code
use the headings and numbering of Annexure 1
must be signed by the franchisor, or a director, officer or authorised agent of the franchisor.
However, an