Free founders agreement 09Free founders agreement 09Free founders agreement 09
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The Company
This agreement governs the partnership between the Founders, doing business as [[COMPANY NA
ME]] (the “Company”). The Company will continue perpetually, unless dissolved in accordance wi
th this agreement. The Founders will cause the Company to register its fictitious name in the jurisdi
ction where it conducts its business, as soon as reasonably practicable after the date hereof. The Co
mpany’s principal office address will be set by a majority of Founders, and initially is: [[ADDRES

The Founders
The following individuals are hereby admitted as partners in the Company (“Founders”)

The Project
The Founders have created the Company for the sole purpose of [[DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT]]
(the "Project").

Initial Capital
Each Founder hereby commits to contribute up to $[[____]] toward Company expenses when called
by the Company, as non-refundable capital contributions. The Company must make