Free equipment lease agreement 18Free equipment lease agreement 18Free equipment lease agreement 18
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Example of an Equipment Lease
that would be
“Challenging” to Syndicate
ELA 2004 Legal Forum
New Orleans, LA
Roundtable Discussion Re: Syndications
Daniel E. Murphy, Captive Capital Corp.
Philip R. Rosenblatt
Nutter, McClennen & Fish, LLP
Master Equipment Lease Agreement
No. 2004-007
THIS MASTER EQUIPMENT LEASE (“Master Lease”) is executed and delivered as of this
day of
, 2004, between Easy Credit Finance, a division of Desperate For Sales LTD
(“Lessor”) and Acme, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Lessee”), whose principal place of business
is located at
Lessor and Lessee hereby agree as follows:
1. Non-Cancelable Lease. Upon our acceptance of this Agreement, and upon the execution
and delivery from time to time by Lessor and Lessee of Equipment Schedules incorporating by
reference the terms of this Master Lease, we agree to lease to you, and you agree to lease from
us, the personal property described in such Schedules, including any attachments hereto or
thereto (the “Equipment”), toge