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Form of simple employment contract
containing arbitration clause
Employment and Parties. VERY WISE, INC. (Employer) hereby agrees to employ the
Employee identified below under the terms and conditions set forth herein, and Employee hereby agrees
to accept those terms and conditions.


Duties: Employee has been hired to perform the following duties or to fill the following

Compensation. Employer shall compensate Employee at the rate of:

Termination at Will. The employment may be terminated at any time with or without
cause either by the Employer or by the Employee.
Arbitration of Disputes Required (in lieu of litigation). Any dispute or claim that
arises out of or that relates to this employment agreement, or that relates to the breach of this
agreement, or that arises out of or that is based upon the employment relationship (including any wage
claim, any claim for wrongful termination, or any claim based upon any statute, regulation, or