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Draft Contract of Employment for a Practice Receptionist/Secretary
Permanent Contract of Employment
Legal advice should be sought prior to the completion of the within agreement
It is hereby agreed that [INSERT NAME] hereinafter called “the Employee” with [INSERT NAME
AND ADDRESS OF PRACTICE] herein after called “the Practice” that the Employee shall be
employed as a Receptionist/Secretary.
1.1. The Employee’s employment is subject to references that are satisfactory to the Practice. If
any reference unsatisfactory to the practice is received after the employee commences
employment, the practice may terminate the employee’s employment. It is a condition of the
employee’s employment that the information the employee is furnished to the practice
during the employee’s recruitment process or otherwise is true and accurate”.
1.2. The Employees appointment will commence on the [INSERT DATE]
1.3. The Employee will be employed as Receptionist / Secretary [DELETE AS