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Myanmar News
New Employment
Contract Template of the
Department of Labour

September 2017

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Myanmar Luther News, September 2017

Table of Content

I. Introduction

I. Introduction

In August 2015, the Department of Labour of the Ministry of La-

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II. Employment and Skills Development

bour, Immigration and Population (Ministry of Labour) issued
Notification 1/2015, announcing that with effect from Septem-

Law (2013)

ber 2015, all employees in Myanmar must be employed under a
prescribed employment contract template.

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III. New Employment Contract Template

While the requirement of having a written employment contract
had been in place since the enactment of the Employment and

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Your Contacts

Skills Development Law (2013), the instructions relating to a
“prescribed employment contract template” came as a surprise
(for further information, please refer to our News Alert on