Free employment contract 11Free employment contract 11Free employment contract 11
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Sample Standard Employment Contract
This agreement is between
worker’s name
Employer on

start date

employer’s name
(“the Employer”) and
(“the Employee”). The Employee shall begin workfor the
. The place of work is the Employer’s residence,located at

employer’s address

Work Responsibilities
a. The Employee’s job title is

(e.g. Nanny, Housecleaner, Elder Caregiver)


b. The Employee is a live-‐in / live-‐out (circle one).

The Employee agrees to perform the following duties as a requirement of her
employment: (Be as specific as possible)

e.g. Care for one child (Sam Jones, boy, age 8).
e.g. Pick Sam up from school in the afternoons and care for him until the
Employer gets home; prepare dinner for Sam on Tuesdays.

e.g. light housekeeping (limited to cleaning kitchen after use and tidying
Sam’s play area).

Any additional responsibilities must be negotiated in a separate writing, along with
additional pay.
II. Scheduling, Cancellations, and Records
a. The following