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Model Standard Contract


You may have lots of different people contributing to the work of
your voluntary organisation or community group.
Some may be volunteers, which include members of a
management committee, board of trustees or steering group. They
will not be paid for their work and only receive the reimbursement
of legitimate out-of-pocket expenses.
Others may be self-employed, engaged to provide a specific
service, such as a builder contracted to repair your premises or an
accountant used to audit your annual accounts or a consultant
carrying out an evaluation of a project.
Occasionally you may have casual workers. For example, you
might have a list of people you can call on to fill a gap when
someone is off sick or you may have a register of interpreters who
you call on to carry out interpreting assignments as and when
needed or a pool of crèche assistants to look after children during
ESOL classes. The workers can always refuse t