Free employment contract 10Free employment contract 10Free employment contract 10
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Sample CEO Employment Contract
This agreement, made and effective as of the ____ day of ________, 20__, between (name of Hospital),
a corporation, and name of CEO.
WHEREAS, the Hospital desires to secure the services of the CEO and the CEO desires to accept such
NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the material advantages accruing to the two parties and the mutual
covenants contained herein, and intending to be legally and ethically bound hereby, the Hospital and the CEO
agree with each other as follows:
1. The CEO will render full-time professional services to the Hospital in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer
of the Hospital corporation. He will at all times, faithfully, industriously and to the best of his ability, perform all
duties that may be required of him by virtue of his position as Chief Executive Officer and all duties set forth in
Hospital bylaws and in policy statements of the Board. It is understood that these duties shall be substantially
the same as thos