Free employee warning notice 37Free employee warning notice 37Free employee warning notice 37
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Progressive Disciplinary Action Form
To complete this form click on first gray area (field); tab to all succeeding gray areas (fields) until form is completed.

(Gray areas will expand when filling in)

Employee Name:
Notice of Verbal/Oral Warning
Notice of Written Warning
Notice of Decision-Making

Notice of Administrative Reassignment
Notice of Termination

Statement of the problem (violation of rules, policies, standards, practices or unsatisfactory performance):

Prior discussion or warning on this subject: (oral, written, dates):

Statement of company policy/master agreement on this subject:

Summary of corrective action to be taken (include dates for improvement and plan for follow-up):

Consequences of failure to improve performance or correct behavior:

Employee comments (continue on reverse if necessary):

Effective _______________ (date), you are placed on performance improvement. If, at any time after this
date, you fail to meet expectations or to make suff