Free employee warning letter 47Free employee warning letter 47Free employee warning letter 47
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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
This is an official letter of warning for [state reason]
[State the factual information that serves as the basis for the reprimand, the following
are a few examples]
Keeping Me Informed
I expect you to keep me informed of the status of your on-going assignment and to let
me know when you have received an assignment of another source. You should let me
know when you will be attending a meeting out of the office when you expect to be gone
for more than 1 hour. When representing the Service at Departmental meetings, I
expect to be briefed within 24 hours of the outcome of the meeting and any items
assigned to the Service. When you encounter a problem with an assignment, I expect
to be notified as soon as possible.
Following Instructions
You are expected to following my direction or instruction. When I give you an
assignment, I expect that you will make every effort to follow the instructions I have
given and complete the assignme