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Attendance Warning Letter
Ryan Reynolds
45-K, first floor
Tent tower
New York
23rd Dec 2011
Subject: Attendance warning letter
This letter is written to remind you of the fact it has been observed that you have
been repeatedly taking a lot of leaves from office in the last 3 months. You have
been warned before verbally by your department head ‘Mr. Tim Gregory’ but it
seems like you didn’t pay much heed to the warnings. So please consider this as
the final and official warning from my side.
We would understand your absence from office if it is due to a medical condition or
reason, but this is not the scenario as far as you are concerned. Office is a place
which requires your constant attendance and presence but you have been absent
more than acceptable number of time and this is highly irresponsible work ethic.
Please take this letter seriously and do not repeat the mistake again to avoid
dismissal from office.
Yours faithfully
Fred Aniston