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Written Warning
RE: Written Warning
In accordance with (relevant policy or collective bargaining agreement article) you are
receiving this Written Warning because of … (describe the unsatisfactory
behavior/performance and explain the consequences for the department, tying to
relevant policies or directives where possible.)
You were counseled regarding __________ on date(s). To date, there has been no
marked improvement in these areas. To the contrary… provide example(s)/incident(s),
including date(s), of the poor performance and/or attendance and/or the inappropriate
behavior that has occurred since the time of the informal discussion(s).
Effective immediately, you are expected to...… (Describe what is required to improve
and/or correct the unsatisfactory performance and/or attendance and/or behavior.)
Failure to demonstrate immediate and sustained improvement in these areas may
result in further corrective action, up to and including dismissal.
You hav