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SAMPLE Written Warning -UAW


Staff Member
December 1, 2003
Written Warning

(Nature and Impact of the Problem)
This confirms our discussion of November 30, 2003 and serves as a written warning
regarding your continued abuse of time allowed for morning and lunch breaks. Your
behavior is in violation of our departmental policy governing the amount of time that all
our employees are allowed. (Please refer to the interoffice memorandum dated January 5,
2002 that describes our department policy in this area.)
I remind you that you may take a 15-minute break each morning and your daily lunch
hour from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. As we have discussed, you perform a very important and
specific job as part of our team; when you are not available to contribute, this affects the
functions of the entire work group. Additionally, it negatively affects the morale of your
co-workers as well as the group’s productivity.
(Relevant Counseling and Past Disciplinary