Free Divorce Papers Template 28Free Divorce Papers Template 28Free Divorce Papers Template 28
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Order Information: Check the box that most accurately describes the type of order being entered.
If it is a dissolution of marriage, enter the place of marriage and indicate if child support is ordered.
Temporary support orders and paternity orders that contain child support are categorized as “child
support order, without dissolution.” “Child support order” includes medical support orders. If the
order does not contain a child support order, social security numbers of the parties are not required
and only Parts 1, 2 and 9 need to be completed.
Parts 1 and 2: Provide information about the parties to the order. If there is a child support order,
be sure to check the box that shows whether the party owes support (payer) or will receive support
(payee). If a party is ordered to both pay and receive support, check the box labeled “both.” If there
is no support order, check the box labeled “N/A” for not applicable. If a party is ordered to pay $0
support, that party should be c